John by Annie Baker

Did you feel watched as a child, Elias?…Like there was someone watching over you. An unseen presence.”

John by Annie Baker


Directed by Bruce DuBose

November 8 – December 10, 2017

A haunting and haunted meditation set near the site of the bloodiest battle of the Civil War where a young couple, struggling to stay together, are welcomed to an eerie Bed and Breakfast by an eccentric inn keeper on the weekend after Thanksgiving. A story of haunting atmosphere,
quirky comedy and deeply touching drama combine to make John a unique autumnal performance you won’t want to miss.



Bruce Dubose

Bruce Dubose

Robert Winn
Scenic Design

Steve Woods
Lighting Design

Amanda Capshaw

Amanda Capshaw
Costume Designer

Paul Semrad - Sound Design

Paul Semrad
Sound Design

Linda Noland

Linda Noland
Properties Design


Elly Lindsay


Rhonda Boutté

Olivia de Guzman

Scott Zenreich

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John by Annie Baker Program Cover

John by Annie Baker – Program


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