Len Jenkin Photo: Robert Hart / TheaterJones

Len Jenkin
Photo: Robert Hart / TheaterJones


By Len Jenkin

April 13th – May 7th, 2016

Directed by Katherine Owens
Jonah is developed in part with the assistance of the Sundance Institute Theatre Program
A World Premiere
Opening Night on April 16th

Jonah is a rumination on the story of the man and the sea. Jonah’s a man on the run. He hops a greyhound to Joppa and then grabs a cabin on the ocean-bound Carnival Princess. Drinking away his sorrows at the ship’s Grass Skirt Grill, the lounge band Sheila and the Lovetones play him into a stupor before he tumbles into the waves. Len Jenkin’s Jonah is a contemporary re-telling of the unfaithful servant; some love stories about the evil city of Ninevah, a Dairy Queen, and of course, the whale. Undermain returns to the mystical landscape of Len Jenkin with this world premiere.

Hero of the avant-garde and long-time Undermain collaborator Len Jenkin returns with another Undermain/Jenkin world premiere following a long line of acclaimed award winning productions of Jenkin’s plays such as Poor Folk’s Pleasure, Margo Veil, Port Twilight, Time in Kafka, and Abraham Zobell’s Home Movie: Final Reel.

“Len Jenkin…not only has a vivid imagination but that he also has an artist’s command of his craft… he is a shrewdly observant portraitist.” ~The New York Times

“Len Jenkin is a master of the funny-house, mythic, quintessentially American landscape.” ~The Columbia Encyclopedia of Modern Drama

“In his plays, Len Jenkin often takes us on dark midnight rides to mythic environments…he leads us through a stretch of the American landscape tantalizing our senses and creating a haunting world.” ~Mel Gussow, The New York Times

Jonah is being developed in part with the assistance of the Sundance Institute Theatre Program

Len Jenkin Playwright

Len Jenkin