Jonah by Len Jenkin


“Those people in Nineveh, the Ninevians, Ninevites, whatever… they don’t have a clue.”


Pictured, L to R: Marcus Stimac as Cruise Passenger. Jonathan Brooks as Jonah. Katherine Bourne, Kelsey Milbourn, and Whitney Coulter as Cruise Passengers.

Directed by Katherine Owens

April 13 – May 7, 2016

Jonah’s a man on the run. He hops a greyhound to Joppa and then grabs a cabin on a cruise ship bound for the land of Tarshish and points east in the Mediterranean. Jonah whiles away his time on-board the ship at the Grass Skirt Grill, while Sheila and the Lovetones sing their siren songs before the Pirate Queen and her crew commandeer the ship and he tumbles into the waves. This world premiere by longtime Undermain collaborator, Len Jenkin, was developed at The Sundance Institute Theatre Program in the summer of 2015.  JONAH promises an adventure complete with a visit to Ninevah, a Dairy Queen, and, of course, the whale.


Katherine Bourne Mary Margaret

Katherine Bourne
Mary Margaret

Jonathan Brooks Jonah

Jonathan Brooks

Patrick Bynane Mr. Rhodes

Patrick Bynane
Mr. Rhodes

Whitney Coulter Lady J

Whitney Coulter
Lady J

Bruce DuBose
God/The Whale

Courtney Mentzel Terri

Courtney Mentzel

Kelsey Milbourn Sheila

Kelsey Milbourn

Jeremy Schwartz Mr. Bones

Jeremy Schwartz
Mr. Bones

Marcus Stimac Dabby

Marcus Stimac


Len Jenkin Playwright

Len Jenkin

Katherine Owens Director

John Arnone

John Arnone
Scenic Designer

Amanda Capshaw Costume Designer

Amanda Capshaw
Costume Designer

Bruce DuBose Sound Design / God / The Whale

Bruce DuBose
Sound Design

Linda Noland Properties Designer

Linda Noland
Properties Designer

Steve Woods Lighting Designer

Steve Woods
Lighting Designer

Ryan Lescalleet Stage Management

Ryan Lescalleet
Stage Management

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