Three Sisters By Anton Chekhov

English Version by Sarah Ruhl

“All we can do is work, and work, and work, and if any happiness comes of it, we’ll leave it for those who come long after us.”

Center: Joanna Schellenberg as Olga and R, Shannon Kearns as Masha in Undermain Theatre’s production of Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov.

Directed by Katherine Owens

February 7 – March 11, 2018

Discover the humor and heartbreak of one of the world’s greatest plays by Anton Chekhov, revealed through the lyricism of one of the leading voices in contemporary theatre: two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist Sarah Ruhl. Three Sisters, Chekhov’s great tragicomic is the story of women contending with disillusioned life in a small Russian town. The Prozorov sisters, Olga, Masha, and Irina, dream of freedom, sex, romance, and Moscow. Two figures appear in their lives. Vershinin, the new battery commander, has hopes of a better future for mankind. Natasha, a local woman, has hopes of a better future for herself. Each will transform the Prozorov family. A complex lattice of stories works itself out in this classic of world drama by the visionary Anton Chekhov



Katherine Owens -director

Katherine Owens

John Arnone

John Arnone
Sets/Lighting Designer

Paul Semrad

Paul Semrad
Sound Design

Giva Taylor

Giva Taylor
Costume Design

Linda Noland

Linda Noland
Properties Design

Danielle Georgiou

Anton Checkhov

Antont Checkhov


Ashlee Elizabeth Bashore


Benjamin Bratcher

Bruce DuBose

Justin Duncan

Edna Gill


Travis Wiley McGuire

David Meglino

Chris Messersmith

Brandon J. Murphy

T.A. Taylor

T.A. Taylor

Dean Wray

Dean Wray

Laura Yancey

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