Tiffany Hobbs and Beethovan Oden in Color Struck by Zora Neal Hurston at the Dallas Museum of Art

We take pride in widening our reach within our local community and beyond to make a lasting impact on audiences.

Throughout our history, Undermain has ventured beyond our basement space to perform everywhere from Roman amphitheaters in Macedonia to the Dallas City Performance hall in our city’s brand new performing arts district.

Dallas Museum of Art

Undermain Reads at the Dallas Museum of Art

Undermain presents an exciting series of readings at the Dallas Museum of Art. These readings are an opportunity to explore exotic and overlooked regions of great theatrical writing that have influenced our work as artists.

Beginning in 2009, Undermain has offered fully-produced work featuring live music, images, and performances by Undermain company members as well as a number of Dallas-area actors. Shows are presented in the Dallas Museum of Art’s Horchow Auditorium on select weekends throughout the year.

In its first season, Undermain performed Leivick’s 1921 version of The Golem, with Fred Curchack as Rabbi Judah Loew, and two modern Noh plays by renowned Japanese artist Yukio Mishima. Other productions have included Thomas Riccio’s Inuit drama Ilira, featuring August Schellenburg, Dylan Thomas’s A Child’s Christmas In Wales, performed with traditional Welsh carols, and a Bloomsday presentation of Joyce’s Ulysses, adapted from the novel by literary manager Stephen Foglia.

The DMA readings are a forum to participate in historically significant works that many audiences will never have a chance to experience otherwise. We aim to share the riches of a wide variety of cultures with the Dallas community.